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Fallen from SW1, Jaq and Jill try to climb the hill of creative success. Can they keep up appearances whilst making each month's rent? Whatever happens, they are in it together.

Sarah & Lucy’s latest project is their sitcom JAQ AND JILL. In a cross between SCHITTS CREEK and ABFAB, Sarah and Lucy star as two best friends, Jaq and Jill, slumming it in Mornington Crescent after being financially cut off from their luxurious SW1 lives. Both women try to climb the hill of creative success but in each episode we see them tumbling back down to square one.  Overwhelmed and comically unequipped to deal with their new normal, the girls must fend for themselves and adapt to the harsh realities of life and love. 


Sarah and Lucy are now currently working on their sit-com JAQ AND JILL and currently producing their own work for the Kings Head Theatre. 


For further enquiries please contact Roz Kidd at Ki Agency.

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